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SOS Goals 2022

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Click on the above video playlist to see important messages from Howie Mandel, Lili Ben Ami, Noah Cappe, Harley Finkelstein, Rebecca Snukal, Chef Shawna Goodman, Josh Zilberberg, and more!

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1. Franny’s Fund - CANADA

Franny's Fund helps parents and families in need of an urgent response, ensuring at-risk women and children across the country have access to the necessary support for legal counsel or therapeutic counselling services.

2. WIZO Programs - ISRAEL

Safety Net – Empowers women and their children by providing social and personal support, employment support, and a network of other women in similar circumstances.

Essentials Kits – Provide women and their children with the basic essentials (tailored to the needs of each specific family) to start over safely.

Respite Camp Program: Provides a 10-day overnight summer camp experience for at-risk youth from WIZO shelters and CHW Hadassim and Nahalal Youth Villages.

3. Michal Sela Forum - ISRAEL

Michal Sela Forum (MSF) offers an innovative program matching protection dogs with survivors to provide security for women and children impacted by domestic violence. MSF is also bringing awareness to the FIVE RELATIONSHIP WARNING SIGNS because half of the women murdered by their partners never experienced physical violence before.

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CHW empowers women and children by supporting education, healthcare, and social services across Israel and Canada.

We strongly believe that every human being deserves to achieve their full potential, while living in safety and security. For more than 100 yeras, our support of excellence in education, innovation in research, advancement in healthcare, safeguarding of social services, and investment in our beneficiaries, will create global impact, improve lives, and provide hope.