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Take Action Today!

Join the Congressional Hydrocephalus Caucus
Urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to join the bipartisan Congressional Hydrocephalus Caucus
Support Direct Funding for Hydrocephalus Research
The hydrocephalus community is beginning the process of requesting $5 million in direct funding for hydrocephalus research. Now is the time to contact your legislators and ask them to support this commitment.
Stop The Wait Act
Urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to cosponsor the Bipartisan Stop the Wait Act and direct the Social Security Administration to phase out the 5-month waiting period to receive SSDI benefits.
Support Hydrocephalus Awareness Month
Join us this September in urging your member of Congress to recognize Hydrocephalus Awareness Month.
Thank your member of Congress for joining the Congressional Hydrocephalus Caucus
This is a companion alert to the call to action on joining the caucus for those who've already joined.

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