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Help ensure that our leaders have the proper information and insight to make informed decisions about policy outcomes that impact the future of the Hydrocephalus Association’s research programs and the lives of those who are impacted by hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus affects over 1 million Americans, ranging from infants and older children to young and middle-aged adults, as well as seniors. There is currently no cure for hydrocephalus. The only treatment requires brain surgery. We advocate to increase funding for research into hydrocephalus causes, treatments, and cures; and to address legislation that impacts the lives of people living with the daily challenges of hydrocephalus. Please join us by taking action below.

US Capitol

Join the Congressional Hydrocephalus Caucus

Urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to join the bipartisan Congressional Pediatric and Adult Hydrocephalus Caucus.  Take Action ›


US Capitol

Cosponsor the Stop the Wait Act

Ask your member to cosponsor the Stop the Wait Act which expands health care access for individuals with disabilities. Take Action ›


US Capitol

Support Direct Funding for Hydrocephalus Research under the CDMRP

Urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to support a $5 Million direct funding line under the Department of Defense Congresionally Directed Medical Research Program. Take Action ›


US Capitol

Support Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

Urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to support Hydrocephalus Awareness Month. Take Action ›



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