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Tell us about your journey with hydrocephalus!

The Hydrocephalus Association accepts submissions from the community about their journey of living with hydrocephalus. HA is particularly interested in stories that can inspire our community, offer hope, and prove that people living with hydrocephalus can thrive regardless of their condition.


Review Process:

After you submit your story to HA, stories are reviewed by our staff to ensure that they meet our editorial guidelines, and to check for grammar and spelling errors. After the review and editing process is complete, we will post the stories on our website and on HA's social media accounts. HA receives many submissions every week, so please allow up to 2 months for the review process to be completed. Please note that stories should be no more than 800 words long. The Hydrocephalus Association reserves the right to decide which stories it will publish.


Editorial Guidelines:

  • Stories must appeal to our audience of people impacted by hydrocephalus, including: people living with hydrocephalus, parents/caregivers, loved ones/friends of someone who has hydrocephalus, the newly diagnosed, and people in the general public who are interested in learning more about hydrocephalus.
  • Stories must be about the person’s journey of living with hydrocephalus.
  • Stories must offer hope and inspire the reader, highlighting how the person has overcome challenges or is thriving regardless of their challenges.
  • Stories must have a recognizable beginning, middle and end; they pull the reader along; and are interesting to read.
  • Stories cannot be more than 800 words long.
  • Stories cannot include controversial information about a legal case or speak negatively about a particular individual, company or product.


    Photography Waiver:

    By sending us photos for your story, you grant the Hydrocephalus Association the right to use the images in print, electronic or other media. All photos become the property of HA and may be displayed, distributed or used by HA for any purpose.


    Let’s SHARE. Let’s CONNECT. Let’s raise AWARENESS! Let’s INSPIRE!


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