Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus

The Moorhead Family at the 2019 Baltimore WALK
The Moorhead Family at the 2019 Baltimore WALK

Team G-Force

Help us be a FORCE against Hydrocephalus!

Please join us, TEAM G-FORCE, as we WALK to End Hydrocephalus. Although we can't be together to walk as a FORCE in the Inner Harbor, we will be participating this year VIRTUALLY. Which means we will be able to come TOGETHER, while APART, to raise critical awareness and funds for the Hydrocephalus Association. 

This year will be our fifth year participating in the Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus as our family team, Team G-Force. The past four years, we've had more than 40 people walking together each year, in support of our Hydro Warrior, Gemma. To date our team has raised close to $40,000 for the Hydrocephalus Association! All of this is done in the name of continued awareness and education about this life-altering condition and hope that one day there will be NO MORE BRAIN SURGERIES! 

Born at 28-weeks, Gemma was born very tiny and very sick with sepsis, and as a result she suffered a grade 3/4 bilateral brain bleed. This brain injury ultimately led to the condition known as hydrocephalus, for which there is NO cure and something she will have to deal with her entire life. It is a constant source of worry for our family --- all because of hydrocephalus and the faulty nature of the devices that manage this condition. 

Hydrocephalus (or "water on the brain")  is a life altering, life threatening condition, caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid, resulting in pressure on the brain. The most common treatment for this condition is brain surgery to implant a medical device called a shunt, which has a 50% failure rate in children within the first two years. Gemma is living evidence of this statistic, as she has experienced numerous malfunctions in seven years. In total, she has undergone NINE brain surgeries because of her hydrocephalus. That's more brain surgeries than birthdays!! 

A shunt is not a cure as its consistent failures lead to multiple brain surgeries over a patient’s lifetime, in some cases 100 or more. This is unacceptable and this is WHY WE WALK.

Please join us and our FORCE against HYDROCEPHALUS! You can help support Gemma and those with hydrocephalus by joining our team and helping us fund raise to reach our goal. Or you can simply make an individual donation by clicking the orange button to the right of this page. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will go far in helping us find a cure and improve the lives of people living with hydrocephalus.

Thank you!

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