Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus

Team Hayden

Welcome to our Team Hayden page!

Hayden has endured EIGHTEEN shunt revisions!!  On July 2, 2020 he spent two weeks at Johns Hopkins children’s center where he underwent his sixteenth shunt revision in his right side as well as his SECOND Bilateral Subtemporal Decompression (almost a years from the day he had his first decompression!) to relieve the pressure that was still building up, and in an attempt to make his head slightly larger giving his brain some space. His most recent revision is August 13, 2020 where Hayden underwent another TWO shunt revisions. The right side was clogged and the valve was broken, and the tubing on his left shunt was broken. Something no one was expecting! In twelve weeks, Hayden has no had SIX surgeries due issues with his Hydrocephalus!

At just 6 1/2 yrs old this is unacceptable and much more needs to be done to help families living with hydrocephalus.

Please join Team Hayden and WALK with us to End Hydrocephalus! This event is very dear to our hearts and our families are always in constant fear that the shunt could fail at any moment. This is not how anyone (child or adult) should have to live. A shunt is not a cure as its consistent failures lead to multiple brain surgeries over a patient’s lifetime, in some cases 100 or more. This is unacceptable and this is WHY WE WALK. 

Please join Team Hayden at this years virtual walk. A place where you can do absolutely anything to help us spread awareness for Hayden. Walk, jog, bike, dance, swim, bake, play video games with a group of friends, anything you can think of. But most importantly TALK about Hydrocephalus and how it may affect someone you love or know. We would love if you are able, to please donate and help us reach our goal. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will go far in helping us find a cure and improve the lives of people living with hydrocephalus. Especially our Hayden! 

Thank you!

Team Hayden 

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