Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus

2019 Team WarriorJake!
2019 Team WarriorJake!


Join us in as we raise money to continue to do BATTLE AGAINST HYDROCEPHALUS on TEAM WARRIOR JAKE!  

Jacob was born at 28 weeks weighing in at a fighting warrior weight of 2lbs and 5oz.  After suffering a brain bleed at 3 weeks old, he slowly developed hydrocephalus that would require him to get his first brain surgery in October of 2017.  He was 9 weeks old and 38 weeks gestation, not even as old as a full term baby.  

This is our second year joining Baltimore's Walk to End Hydrocephalus and our mission is the same, NO MORE BRAIN SURGERIES! 

The  shunt they use for treatment of hydrocephalus is not a cure. Many patients endure multiple brain surgeries throughout their lifetime, some more than 100. The failure rate is the highest in children.  Imagine life knowing that the next brain surgery lurks around the corner because your shunt could fail at any moment. 

Jacob's first shunt failed within 3 months of his first surgery.  And then again 7 months later.   He had 3 brain surgeries in 2 years... No one should have to live like this.

This year, the WALK is Virtual so Everyone can participate.  

On September 12th, join Team Warrior Jake and a head outside to Walk, Bike, Dance, Jog, CrossFit, BootCamp, jump rope, hike, roller skate, hula hoop, Kayak or (WHATEVER sort of activity that excites you) in your respective community and raise awareness for Hydrocephalus (We even have printable signs to carry).   

Then share a photo/video on social media using #HydroStrong, #HAwalk_baltimore and tag @hydroassoc.   The Hydrocephalus Association is giving away prizes and even doing only opening and after-event ceremonies!

Come join Team Warrior Jake and Battle Hydrocephalus with us!

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