Baltimore WALK to End Hydrocephalus

DOMinate Hydrocephalus

Dominick was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in September 2018, only 3 months after he was born. On October 30, 2018 he underwent surgery to have a shunt placed in his brain. In August he began having symptoms of shunt failure and on August 11, 2020 Dom underwent surgery again for a shunt revision. Unfortunately this was short lived and a mere 2 weeks later he had his 3rd brain surgery to fix his shunt. 

Hydrocephalus is a life altering, life threatening condition, caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid, resulting in pressure on the brain. The most common treatment for this condition is brain surgery to implant a medical device called a shunt, which has a 50% failure rate in children within the first two years.  A shunt is not a cure and many people endure multiple brain surgeries throughout their lifetime. Dom’s shunt failures were due to a blockage in the shunt tubing.

Due to COVID there will not be an in-person walk for Hydrocephalus this year.  However, a virtual event will be held on Saturday, September 12,  Andrew and I will be walking this day in support of the Hydrocephalus Association and to raise awareness of Dominick’s medical condition. 

The Hydrocephalus Association researches alternative treatment options, which could reduce the need for future surgeries.  Please don’t feel obligated, but should you decide to donate, your donation is greatly appreciated and will go far in helping us find a cure or alternative to surgery for children like Dom and people living with hydrocephalus.

Thank you, 

Kristen & Andrew

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