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Support an audit of the USDA Wildlife Services Lethal Predator Control Program

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In Defense of AnimalsWildlife Services (WS), a branch of the US Department of Agriculture, has spent more than $393 million in federal funds annually since 2004, and over the same period has killed more than 22 million animals. This included protected species and over 788,000 mammalian predators such as wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, black bears and grizzlies, foxes, badgers, and domestic dogs and cats.

USDA WS is only a phone call away to service any private or commercial customer who views wild animals as inconvenient, primarily the ranching and livestock industry and trophy hunting clubs such as the Safari Club International.

From using foothold traps and neck snares, conducting ground or aerial gunning, bombing coyote dens to suffocate pups and pregnant females, to allowing dogs to attack and rip apart trapped wild animals and using pound dogs to experiment with M-44 sodium cyanide, the institutionalized culture of animal cruelty within the USDA WS is appalling.

WS practices have been exposed as inhumane by Tom Knudson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with the Sacramento Bee, and as excessive, unnecessary, unprofessional, wasteful of the public's tax money and lacking accountability while defying science, according to a recent opinion page of the NYT Editorial Board.

What you can do:



Valid U.S. address is required - P.O. Boxes cannot be used

1) Two Congressmen, Peter DeFazio and John Campbell, have recently requested an investigation of WS’s practices and policies, particularly their lethal predator management program. Please take action by sending the following letter to Ms. Fong's Administrative Assistant, then making a quick phone call to the USDA Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG), in support of their request for an audit.

2) Phone Ms. Fong's Office at  (202) 720-8001

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