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Speak Out Against Animal Cruelty at University of California, Davis

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In Defense of AnimalsIn August, IDA filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Care division, when our investigation revealed that University of California, Davis (UCD) was cited during a government inspection for negligent monitoring of 23 young animals (the species was not identified). The animals were undergoing lengthy invasive procedures – some as long as 36 hours – under general anesthesia. The report indicated that UCD animal care staff failed to adequately follow very basic measures, such as recording and monitoring animals’ breathing status, heart rate and body temperature.

IDA's formal complaint submitted to USDA called for an investigation into the incident to impose fines or enforcement actions against UC Davis for negligent veterinary practices in its animal labs. You can read IDA’s full complaint here:

IDA’s call for an investigation by USDA was covered in the Sacramento Bee, which interviewed IDA Program Director Barbara Stagno, who described how UCD’s carelessness placed these animals’ welfare in danger and caused them to experience unnecessary pain and distress that may have been significant.

The serious deficiencies, which occurred in violation of UCD’s own protocols, included some of the following:

  • UCD failed to properly monitor vital respiratory parameters such as oxygen saturation, which is a critical indication of adequate oxygenation.
  • According to UCD's protocol, an elevated carbon dioxide level is considered an indication of inadequate anesthesia. Six animals experienced elevated levels of CO2 for significant periods, with no increase in anesthesia.
  • One animal was left at a body temperature of 87.3° F for over five hours. Severe hypothermia is considered to occur at below 95°F.

Help IDA to speak out against the negligent animal care at UCD by using the form below to send a letter to officials at UC Davis to call for a full investigation into the matter and to ensure such negligence never occurs again.

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Jill Parker, Associate Vice Chancellor

Victor Lukas, DVM, DACLAM
Attending Veterinarian &Director of Teaching & Research Animal Care Services

UC Davis Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

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  • Jill Parker, Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Victor Lukas, DVM, DACLAM
  • UC Davis Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

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