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Oppose Deer Killing in Helena, Montana

In Defense of AnimalsSince 2008, at least 670 urban deer have been killed by Helena’s Police department, and 130 more deer are slated to be killed in 2013-14. Helena’s killing program costs about $15,000 per year, and causes pain, suffering and cruel death to deer families by trapping and the use of bolt guns.

In its own brochure, Living with Deer, Montana's state wildlife agency, Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) states that "the best solution may be a greater understanding and tolerance of deer." Why does FWP not adhere to its own recommendations? FWP and the city of Helena choose killing over a much better, humane and sustainable life-confirming method of fertility control – why?

At least 6.5 million deer were killed by hunters in 2011 nationwide, nearly 82,000 deer in Montana alone. State wildlife agencies, who work for hunters, have been producing deer as living targets for decades causing deer numbers to rise from a historic 500,000 to a staggering 20-30 million across the nation. Hunting increases reproduction in surviving deer, in fact this is the very premise for growing deer for the guns, and bows and arrows: Manage deer at half of its carrying capacity, and achieve the greatest number of "surplus" animals.

Killing deer increases reproduction--wildlife fertility control decreases reproduction.

One of the best examples to show how fertility control reduces deer reproduction is the fact that a 60% reduction of free-roaming deer occurred on Fire Island National Seashore between 1995 and 2005.  According to Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick, one of the leading experts in fertility control research, “Fertility Control works—and it works well!”

What you can do:




  • Send the letter below to FWP, the City of Helena, and the Police Department of Helena, to let them know that you strongly oppose killing urban deer and then follow up with a call. Please urge them to immediately end the killing of Helena’s ungulates and to use fertility control instead.
  • Please call these officials at the numbers below:

Wildlife Management Section Chief, George Pauley (406) 444-3940
Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) Commission (406) 444-2612
Jim Smith, Mayor of Helena, MT (406) 406-447-8000
Helena Police Department 406-447-8479


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End Killing and Manage Helena's Deer with Fertility Control

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