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Montana Increases Slaughter of Wolves
Perceived as a Potential Threat 

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In Defense of AnimalsMontana's brutal and aggressive policies against wolves have reached a new high of irresponsibility, as new bill amendments will allow landowners to kill a wolf on their property by simply claiming that they perceived the wolf to be a "potential threat" to human safety, livestock or dogs.

The new rules will also permit setting year-round traps for problem wolves, which will increase suffering and death of wolves and cause indiscriminate killing of 'non-target' species.

Since delisting, nearly 500 gray wolves have been officially killed in Montana by hunting and trapping. The only commitment Montana’s state wildlife agency, Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has made to gray wolves is to find as many ways as possible to kill them and drive down their numbers to maintain a minimum number of 15 breeding pairs.

In their comment to Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP), the Montana Wool Growers Association (yes, they have figured out how to "grow" wool) insists on their inherent right as livestock "owners" to protect their "private property against predators." Their view is that even a "trespass" across private property where persons and/or livestock are located constitutes a potential threat to human safety, livestock and dogs. .

What you can do:Please take action and tell Governor Steve Bullock, Natural Resource Advisor to the Governor, Tim Baker, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks staff and Director to end their war against wolves by sending our automated email to them. Please follow up with a phone call and tell these officials that you strongly oppose their brutal and misguided wildlife management.

  • Steve Bullock, Montana Governor - Call the Governor's office at (406) 444-3111
  • Tim Baker, Policy Advisor for Natural Resources - Call Mr. Baker's office at  (406) 444-7857
  • Jeff Hagener, Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks - Call Mr. Hagener's office at (406) 444-2535
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission - Call the Administrative Staff for the FWP Commission at (406) 444-2612.

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  • Steve Bullock, Montana Governor
  • Tim Baker, Policy Advisor for Natural Resources
  • Jeff Hagener, Director of Montana FWP
  • Montana FWP Commission

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