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Stop New York State's Swan Genocide Plan 

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In Defense of Animals

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) has announced its intent to exterminate ALL wild mute swans—approximately 2,200 birds in New York State—by the year 2025.

The main reasons given by the hunter-dominated agency calling for death for all mute swans is that the birds are an invasive species that destroys underwater vegetation, displaces native waterfowl, and that the birds are exhibiting aggressive behavior. All of these arguments are flawed, and the plan is unscientific and highly unethical.

Falling into step with the current trend to vilify certain species by labeling them as "pests" and "vermin" if they threaten hunters' opportunities to kill game species, the NYDEC is now downgrading mute swans classification to a prohibited species.

Kill the Plan, not Mute Swans.

Nobody has the right to exterminate an entire species. This plan must be met head-on with vigorous opposition. We, the people, must speak up for mute swans to curtail this current trend by wildlife agencies, who only work for hunters, to kill and now even propose to exterminate a whole bird species to benefit their hunter clients.

What you can do:Please sign our alert below, which automatically sends a letter to the NYDEC Wildlife Bureau and let them know that you reject their plan to exterminate mute swans in the state of New York. Tell them that mute swans need to be left alone.

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