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Free The Dogs
Help Stop the Funding of Cruel, Unnecessary and Wasteful
Research on Dogs by Contacting Wake Forest University
and the National Institutes of Health

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In Defense of Animals

IDA's new Free The Dogs campaign staff has uncovered cruel and wasteful research that caused the suffering and deaths of hundreds of puppies and adult dogs, as well as the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted at Wake Forest University (WFU), the dogs in this study were forced to undergo invasive procedures and were then killed.

Our staff was shocked to learn that the NIH funded a study which attempted to fix a problem that does not exist. The researchers used dogs to explore a link between the use of a heart-lung machine and permanent brain dysfunction following cardiac surgery. However, there is no association between use of the heart-lung machines and long-term brain dysfunction following cardiac surgery. Permanent brain dysfunction is due to the coronary artery disease itself and not after-effects from having used a heart-lung machine.1,2

Although the theory of a link has been discredited and their studies have not improved cardiac surgery, nor have they published any of their related results, the researchers continue to waste tax dollars and use dogs as disposable test tubes.

IDA's letters to WFU officials and to the researchers detailing our scientific and ethical concerns regarding the study and demanding its immediate end remain unanswered. A response from the NIH to IDA's letter was general in nature, and attempted to refute our findings. IDA strongly believes the researchers, WFU and NIH should be held accountable for this unconscionable waste of taxpayer dollars and the lives of innocent dogs.

The Dogs Desperately Need Your Help Now!

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  • Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health
  • Dr. Nathan O. Hatch, President of Wake Forest University
  • Dr. William Roy Brown, the researcher who directly perpetrated these horrors on the dogs

(Valid address is required - P.O. Boxes cannot be used)

1Selnes, O. A., Grega, M. A., Bailey, M. M., Pham, L. D., Zeger, S. L., Baumgartner, W. A., & McKhann, G. M. (2009). Do management strategies for coronary artery disease influence 6-year cognitive outcomes?. The Annals of thoracic surgery, 88(2), 445-454.


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