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Stop the Hen Slaughter by Jewish Community Center

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In Defense of Animals

Urban Adamah, a Jewish community center and urban farm in Berkeley, California has fifteen chickens who were used to produce eggs that they have been eating for three years. The hens' egg production began to wane, so just like in massive factory farms, their "use" to humans, who think of them as nothing more than egg machines, is over. Instead of showing kindness and gratitude to these gentle birds and offering them retirement, they were scheduled to be used as props and killed for a Kosher slaughter class this upcoming Sunday.

United Poultry Concerns, Animal Place, Harvest Home, and Hen Harbor have all intervened and offered to take these fifteen hens in order to let them live their lives out in peace, but Urban Adamah has refused the offer and just today cancelled their workshop, but not because they care. We had already put an alert on Facebook this morning, and they were concerned about the massive protest scheduled before the killing, nothing more. For all we know, while the workshop has been cancelled, they may still be planning to brutally kill them.

What you can do:Please submit our letter below to respectfully ask Adam Berman, director of Urban Adamah, to provide the hens with sanctuary and kindness as opposed to mindless slaughter. They have so far still refused to relinquish the hens, so they may still kill them somewhere else. Let's keep the pressure on.

For a group that claims, "Our work is inspired by the core Jewish values of love, compassion and justice." It is clear that Urban Adamah is falling short of fulfilling these ideals.

A protest was planned for this upcoming Sunday, but this statement by Urban Adamah was released just a few hours ago:

We regret to inform you that we are canceling our shechita (ritual chicken killing) workshop planned for this Sunday. Our landlord has asked us to cancel the event. We do not have explicit permission in our lease for this activity. It has also become clear that there is a significant protest being organized outside the farm during the workshop. The noise and disruption expected from the protesters would very likely have caused undue stress to the chickens and the program participants, and prevent us from holding a safe, educational and compassionate workshop. We believe this program has significant merit and fits into Urban Adamah’s overall mission. We cannot, however, move ahead as planned given the current circumstances.

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Sanctuary for Hens, Not Death

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