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Elephant Abusers Deserve Jail Time!
Urge South African President Zuma to Convict Elephant Abusers

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In Defense of AnimalsIn 2008, staff at Elephants of Eden cruelly beat elephant calves and juveniles in response to the death of a handler at the South African park, which provided elephants for tours, rides, weddings, and sleepovers. Footage that recently surfaced on the Internet shows elephant calves and juvenile elephants being chained, roped, stretched, shocked with electric cattle prods, and hit with bull hooks.

After the abuse, owners of Elephants of Eden transferred the abused elephants to their other tourist venture, Knysna Elephant Park, and resumed business as usual. Knysna Elephant Park owned Elephants of Eden (EOE) until selling it a year ago, but denied responsibility for the abuse. The SPCA pressed cruelty charges with the police against Elephants of Eden, the Knysna Elephant Park, and their directors and management.

"The elephants show signs of crippling injuries with severely swollen legs and feet, debilitating abscesses and wounds," said National Council of SPCA's inspector Wendy Willson. "The calculated and premeditated cruelty of this nature that took place at this facility is a far cry from the loving sanctuary image that Elephants of Eden/Knysna Elephant Park like to portray."

Mistreatment of elephants in South Africa is illegal under the Animal Protection Act No. 71 of 1962. It is imperative that these directors and managers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which would consist of sentencing of three years in jail per charge and it should also include revoking their license to house elephants. Urge South African President Zuma to stop the Knysna Elephant Park from continuing to abuse elephants in cruel training camps for the tourist industry.

Read more about this horrific elephant cruelty case here

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Prosecute Elephant Abusers at Elephants of Eden and Knysna Elephant Park

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