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Tell Whole Foods to Stop Killing Bunnies!

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In Defense of AnimalsAmericans are now eating less animal flesh than ever before. Yet both the livestock industry and many in the food industry are not happy about this turn of events and are advocating for Americans to not only eat more flesh, but to consume more species of animals as well. To that end, Whole Foods Market, in response to what they have claimed is customer demand, has begun a pilot program in which they are selling rabbit flesh in five of their regions in North America. Who is next: cats, dogs, and/or horses?

If their test is successful, given the size and clout of Whole Foods Market, this will mean that Whole Foods will have created a new market for rabbit flesh, now a very niche market, and it will open the door for other major grocery stores to begin carrying rabbit flesh as well. This will mean hundreds of thousands, if not millions of rabbits annually, living miserable lives, only to then be brutally butchered for a market that Whole Foods has manufactured. It's also worth noting that rabbits, like poultry, are not covered under the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, so there is no federal protection (regardless of how meager that is in actuality for other species) for these animals whatsoever.

What you can do:Please tell Whole Foods Market that you are strongly opposed to their bringing yet another animal species into their food supply. Ask them instead to focus on carrying more vegetarian and vegan products, in line with their overall humane and earth-friendly corporate message. 

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  • John Mackey - Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market, Inc.

(Valid U.S. street address is required - P.O. Boxes cannot be used*)

* our advocacy software requires actual street address in order to determie voting districts. Although we acknowledge that a P.O. Box is a valid mailing address, for advocacy purposes it cannot be used. Thank you for your understanding.
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