Help Lucy Get Out of Cold Canada and Into Sanctuary!

Lucy is a 41 year old Asian elephant born in Sri Lanka who is imprisoned at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada, which is one of the coldest cities in North America. This zoo is on our Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list in the Dishonorable Mention category. Lucy also suffers from foot disease, arthritis, and an undiagnosed respiratory condition that is causing a narrowing of the airway passages in her trunk. This situation is dire for Lucy, and she should be sent to a sanctuary as soon as possible.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo continues to be noncompliant with Alberta's zoo standards and yet the Zoo’s permit was reissued again this year, despite much public advocacy against it. The government of Alberta should not have renewed the permit until either 1) zoo standards were adequately enforced, or 2) other arrangements were made for Lucy's living conditions.

It is the responsibility and duty of Alberta's Environment Minister, as well as that of the Agriculture Minister, to enforce zoo standards set by the government of Alberta itself. They are failing to do this, and Lucy continues to languish alone in far too cold a climate. Minimal improvements have been made to slightly improve her situation, and while the zoo assessment done by UK veterinarian Dr. Cracknell claims that Lucy has bonded with her keepers, this is no substitute for the companionship of other elephants.

We call on Premier Rachel Notley to step in and make Lucy's care a priority. If the zoo standards cannot be met and duly enforced by the ministers responsible, then an immediate alternative must be considered for Lucy, where her needs for adequate space, appropriate weather, and companions of her own kind will be met.


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Ask Alberta's new Premier, Rachel Notley, to have Edmonton Zoo's permit revoked and also that she send Lucy to a warm weather sanctuary.

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Revoke Edmonton Valley Zoo's Permit & Send Lucy to an Accredited Warm Weather Sanctuary

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