Close the Rift Valley Donkey Slaughterhouse

In Kenya, a new slaughterhouse costing approximately three million US dollars has been opened, but it's not your typical slaughterhouse - this one is specifically for donkeys. The Chemongoch abattoir, situated in the Rift Valley area, will be able to kill roughly 100 terrified donkeys a day with the flesh expected to primarily be exported to China where donkey meat is considered a delicacy. Some restaurants in China specialize in such "exotic" dishes, and even offer the genitals of donkeys to their customers. Additionally, gelatin from the donkeys is used to make a traditional Chinese medicine product. We must try to shut this slaughterhouse down before yet another species becomes viewed as merely "food" for human consumption!

Donkeys are intelligent and sensitive animals, displaying loyalty to their guardians in the way that dogs tend to do. At a time when meat consumption worldwide is being questioned more and more on ethical, environmental, and health grounds, we should not be adding even more kinds of animals to the slaughter list. Instead, we should be replacing the animals that are currently commonly being eaten with plant based alternatives. Adding yet another species to the killing floor, and one commonly considered a companion, is a mistake.


What you can do:



1) Adopt a vegan lifestyle and save all animals the agony and terror of the slaughterhouse. Check out our free guide here.

Speak out by submitting our letter below asking the Kenyan government to shut this slaughterhouse down. Kenya can avoid being viewed in the same light as China currently is for its culinary practices involving dogs and cats that have upset people worldwide.

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Close Down the Donkey Slaughterhouse in Kenya

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