Fishing For Compassion

For thirty-two years, Gloucester County, New Jersey has sponsored a kids' fishing contest, which encourages and rewards children for harming animals for fun. "We are proud to continue this tradition," said Freeholder Frank J. DiMarco, liaison to the County's Department of Parks and Recreation, to, “We encourage our young residents to come out and try out their fishing skills." This harming of animals and desensitizing of children needs to stop!

This year, a county resident and fellow animal activist decided to speak up for these fish, who are sentient beings who feel pain even if it is not expressed by audible screams. The activist sent a letter to the county employee facilitating the contest imploring the county to replace the contest with a non-violent event to teach children genuine respect for everyone, regardless of their species.

Since the letter went unanswered, a group of concerned citizens and advocates held an educational outreach event during the fishing contest declaring that tradition is not an excuse for cruelty. After the outreach event, the Director of Parks and Recreation, Chuck Rose, told the activist, "Each year we evaluate all of our programs. We will take your suggestion as we do other residents into consideration for 2017."

Please support this activist who dared to speak up for fish by sending the letter below urging Gloucester County to end its cruel tradition of tormenting innocent beings and replace this unjust kids' fishing contest with a compassionate event. Your letter will magnify efforts of activists on the front lines. Let's build a strong, resilient animal rights community by supporting each other!


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