Punish Dog Kicking Cheer Coach

On Nov 17, 2016, cheer-leader coach Stephanie Britt of Savannah, Georgia was booked and bonded out on a charge of simple battery on a minor. Just days later, on November 23, 2016, a video surfaced on Facebook of Britt kicking her Dachshund dog, Charlie, for trying to gain her attention as she instructed at Benedictine Military School in August of 2016.

Britt, the owner of Cheer Savannah, is under investigation by the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office for animal cruelty as a result of the public's outrage over the video.

Of the incident, Britt claimed Charlie was biting her bare feet. Britt’s feet were not bare in the video and Charlie was not biting at her feet while trying to gain her attention. Britt, her husband and family members have defended Britt as an “animal lover.” The video of Britt kicking Charlie away from her is indefensible.

A Courthouse News Service article of January 20th, 2016 reported that Britt had previously had run-ins with cheerleaders and their families for her alleged abuse of her students. A complaint of Jan. 13, 2016 alleged Britt denigrated cheer student Reghan Mahany for a poor routine and choked her in front of 19 students and 2 employees. At a subsequent performance in which Reghan performed satisfactorily, Britt allegedly commented in front of other competitors and coaches that she should choke Reghan more often. A June 2009 lawsuit alleged that Britt called a sixteen year old cheerleader of a whore, and white trash in front of her teammates.

The allegations of abuse that trail Britt are consistent with an abusive personality without restraint. Stephanie Britt must be successfully prosecuted to the fullest for her abuse of Charlie and most certainly should be ordered to cease and desist from working with youth or having animals until she has completed an anger management program and two years of probation.


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We implore you to take action to end Stephanie Britt's reign of terror. The following are steps you may take to support Georgia's Chatham County District Attorney's Office investigation into Britt's cruel treatment of Charlie.

1) Phone Assistant DA Sarah L. Moorhead and ask her to see that Stephanie Britt is prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law for her abuse of her dog Charlie. (912) 652-7308

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