Animals Anally Electrocuted for Cell Phone Cases?

Wild and Wooly, a New York-based startup, has unveiled a line of iPhone cases made from real fur. It brags about offering both "ranch-raised and free-range fur options." Its "ranch-raised" fur comes from filthy fur farms, where predators such as mink and foxes are unnaturally kept in cramped wire cages and brutally killed only for their skins. Animals on fur farms are killed by being swung from their feet headfirst into the ground, or by being grabbed by tongs and stuffed into crude boxes for gassing, or by anal or genital electrocution. Often, the animals are only stunned and wake up to find themselves being skinned alive. This suffering for pointless, frivolous products must stop now!

"Free-range" fur is no better. Wild animals are running free one moment, only to find themselves agonizingly trapped through a variety of horrific traps and snares only to be barbarically killed once the trapper gets around to checking the trapping lines, and only so the trapper can make a profit from their hides. Leg-hold traps are made of steel jaws and snap shut on wild animals by the leg, causing intense pain and suffering. Terrified creatures caught in these traps languish for hours, or even days, in excruciating pain and fear and will sometimes gnaw their own legs off to escape. Some Conibear traps crush animals' necks, and it often takes many agonizing minutes for them to suffocate. For animals still alive when the trapper returns, their death is often caused by the trapper standing on the animals to suffocate them.


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Wild and Woolly relies on Voodoo Manufacturing, a small Brooklyn-based company, to make cases compatible with fur. Please submit our letter below to tell Voodoo Manufacturing that you want to see it end its work with Wild and Woolly and to commit to stop supporting the cruelty of the fur trade!

You can read more about the product launch here.

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