Stop Egypt's Planned Massive Donkey Export to China

The General Organization for Veterinary Services of Egypt has approved the export of 10,000 donkeys to China. After enduring an arduous and deeply traumatic journey overseas, the donkeys will be brutally killed for gelatin. Gelatin made from the hides of donkeys is an essential ingredient of "ejiao," a popular traditional Chinese medicine. We can't allow this to happen!

Chinese demand for donkey hides in order to make "ejiajo" is increasing and the donkey population in China is shrinking as a result. More and more, China is looking to African nations to meet this skyrocketing demand. Some countries, like South Africa and Kenya, are eagerly getting involved in the trade of donkey hides. However, countries such as Niger and Burkina Faso have banned the export of donkeys and donkey hides to China after facing economic and environmental hardship due to the trade.


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