Babies Should be With Their Mothers!

Those first precious moments of life, that special bond between mother and baby… just ripped away.

Right now, on U.S. dairy farms (and around the world), mother cows are allowed no more than 14 hours - a mere 840 minutes - to be with their babies. For some, it’s just one hour. Can you imagine? After enduring nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor (like humans), their newborns are dragged away to be slaughtered or used.

That's cruel and unacceptable.

It is well established and documented that cows are sentient beings who feel pain, distress, fear, vulnerability, loneliness, and grief.

Surely at the bare minimum, anyone with the slightest respect for life can agree that these newborn babies - these forgotten "waste products" of the dairy industry - and their mothers deserve better. Don't you?

Babies need to be with their mothers. If you agree, please join us in sending an open letter to the Dairy Farmers of America.

What you can do:



1. Call Monica Massey, Senior Vice President of the Dairy Farmers of America at (816) 801-6486 and state that you would like to see changes in its animal welfare policy to allow baby calves to stay with their mothers. If you are a mother yourself, please be sure to mention this.

2. Submit our letter below to the Dairy Farmers of America.

Submit our letter below.

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  • Monica Massey - Senior Vice President of the Dairy Farmers of America


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Baby calves should stay with their mothers

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