Animals in Cold Misery at Tregembo Animal Park

Residents of Wilmington, North Carolina have reported that Tregembo Animal Park has been leaving the animals in its care exposed all night even when the temperature drops below freezing. People who live nearby, or those who are simply passing by on a cold evening, have heard a resident lion roaring and moaning in distress throughout the colder nights. This cruelty must stop!

The park is currently closed for the winter season. However, it still keeps the animals imprisoned there in barren metal and concrete caged enclosures, exposing them to the elements. Tregembo Animal Park won't open to the public again until March. It's crucial that we act now to protect the animals that Tregembo Animal Park is neglecting.

Tregembo Animal Park has a history of animal abuse. It was cited in 2007 for improperly constructing fencing for its potbellied pigs, and then cited again in 2015 for having a goat enclosure with protruding nail heads that could injure the goats. Even worse, it was also cited in 2015 for not providing adequate care for a black bear with serious facial injuries. An APHIS inspection report on the bear reads, "bear's nose has erosions and is red raw,” and “corneas of both eyes are clouded over affecting vision," and, "crusty plaques from the nose to the eyes along the top of the muzzle." Though Tregembo Animal Park was found to be in violation of the Animal Welfare Act, it was allowed to continue operating.

The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, or APHIS, has the authority to investigate institutions such as Tregembo Animal Park, and is responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. Ask APHIS to immediately investigate Tregembo Animal Park and to act now to protect the animals imprisoned there before it drops below freezing in Wilimington again!

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