Defy Pyeongchang's Dog Meat Trickery

Dog meat is currently a hot issue around the world. Thanks in no small part to all concerned animal advocates generating awareness via social media, South Korea is no exception. With the Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, Korea, government officials are taking note of foreigners' attitudes toward this issue. President Park had wanted to change the Winter Olympics mascot from a tiger to a Jindo dog, once listed as #53 on Korea's national treasure list. Anyone aware of the dog meat trade in Korea will know that Jindo dogs are among the breeds found most frequently in slaughterhouses and dog farms. The International Olympic Committee strongly opposed the change, fearing it would bring up this sensitive issue. It was correct and now this issue is happening!

Currently, the city of Pyeongchang and the province it is within, GwangWon-Do, are taking measures to mask this hot bed issue by asking their constituents what they think about changing out all provinces' restaurant signage that contains the term “bosingtang,” referring to a popular dog meat stew. The government wants to use taxpayers' money to make this change. Currently there are 41 restaurants around the cities of Pyeongchang and Gang Ryeung serving “bosingtang.” Instead of banning the dog meat soup, they are just trying to hide it from us foreigners during the Winter Olympics! This is insulting to foreigners and Koreans.

We must take action now to let them know that we see what they are doing and we are not fooled! They should just ban selling dog flesh entirely instead of using trickery to hide it from all of us.


What you can do:



1) Please comment your disapproval via social media outlets.

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PyeongChang 2018 @Pyeongchang2018

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2) If you're either in Korea, or don't mind making an international call, please do so using these phone numbers.

PyeongChang Organizing Committee

Headquarters: +82-33-350-2018
Gangneung Office: +82-33-350-5157
Seoul Office: +82-2-2076-2018

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