Stop Community Cat Wipe Out in Hawaii

Anti-animal legislators in Hawaii have proposed a series of bills that, if passed, would clear the way for widespread and unchecked killing of community cats and other animals deemed "invasive species."

Proposed bills, HB606 and SB776, seek to loosen private property rights, allowing government officials to access private property with the express intent of killing cats or other animals living on the property. SB904 sets up a special fund to provide money for government officials to use in order to kill animals quickly and without legislative approval.

These proposed bills are a direct threat to cats and other animals and seek to undermine humane and successful trap-neuter-return programs for community cats.

Please share this alert with anyone you know who resides in Hawaii and ask them to please act!

You can read the details of these proposed bills here:





What you can do:



As a resident of Hawaii, please contact your state legislators by phone and ask them to protect cats and other animals by voting NO on HB606, SB776, and SB904.

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Save Cats & Other Animals: Vote NO on HB606, SB776, and SB904

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