Liberate Starving Sun Bears From Bandung Zoo

Recent footage captured at Bandung Zoo on the Indonesian island of Java shows skeletal, starving sun bears begging visitors for food. While the Zoo has, of course, defended the conditions, it is obvious that the bears are malnourished and kept in horribly inadequate conditions. They live in a barren concrete pen with filthy water. One bear was so hungry that visitors observed him eating his own feces.

This isn't the first time Bandung Zoo has attracted outrage for its treatment of animals it holds captive. In May of 2016, a Sumatran elephant named Yani was reported to have laid on the ground for more than a week, suffering and unable to move, before she died. She was photographed crying in the moments before her death.

On travel websites such as TripAdvisor, many visitors comment on how disgusting Bandung Zoo is, and how inadequate the care for the animals seems to be. The high profile death of Yani and the recent footage of starving sun bears at Bandung Zoo highlight the necessity and urgency of action for the animals held captive there.

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