Don't Let Cat Killing Hunter Get Away With Murder

Tell Waushara County Sheriff's Department to Investigate Sam Wood

In 2005, under pressure from the hunting and trapping lobby, legislation was proposed in Wisconsin that would deem outdoor cats an unprotected species for the sole purpose of allowing hunters and trappers to legally kill them! Thankfully, that legislation failed.

Fast forward to February 11, 2017 when a revolting animal abuser in Wisconsin named Sam Wood made a post to his Facebook page where he bragged about his trapping and killing of feral cats and encouraged others to do it, too.

You would think this admission of guilt by Wood to breaking the law would warrant an arrest, wouldn't you? Here's a well known trapper bragging about killing cats and encouraging others to participate in this illegal activity too. Sadly, you'd be wrong. The Waushara County Sheriff's Department won’t go into specifics over the phone, but told us, very dismissively, when we called, that it has "investigated" the incident and no crime has been committed, even though there’s that public admission of guilt on Sam Wood's Facebook page. The Sheriff's Department claims the photo was taken in New Zealand, and while that may be true, it does not change the fact that Sam Wood has bragged about killing domestic cats.

Incredibly, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the government body that regulates hunting and trapping in Wisconsin, has a brochure that encourages hunters and trappers NOT to do the very thing Sam Wood is now admitting doing on his public Facebook page. But there’s been no reaction by the department to this incident. No investigation. No revocation of his hunting or trapping licenses. Nothing.

What you can do:



Please contact Sheriff Jeff Nett and let him know that this is unacceptable. Encourage him to properly investigate Sam Wood and charge him with the animal cruelty he is encouraging, and has participated in by his own admission.


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Investigate Sam Wood and Charge Him With Animal Cruelty

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