Stop Reckless Slaughter of Wild Animals in Alaska's Wildlife Refuges

A recent congressional bill, House Joint Resolution 69, has passed the House and is now on the way to the Senate. This bill is a direct attack on the already insufficient protections for animals living in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. HJ Res. 69 allows for the killing of bears and wolves in Alaskan wildlife refuges, often by cruel and unfair methods, such as the use of steel leg-hold traps and "aerial gunning," or shooting from aircraft. Even worse, this bill would allow the killing of wolves and bears during denning season!

HJ Res. 69 would overturn a United States Fish and Wildlife Service rule that outlawed all "non-subsistence" hunting of bears, wolves, and coyotes on Alaska's 16 national wildlife refuges. Our wildlife refuges should be places where predators, so often under attack in the United States, can flourish and live free. HJ Res. 69 allows not only for the killing of predators, but the killing of them in the most barbaric ways possible. The resolution has already passed the house. If it passes the Senate and becomes law, it will be legal to kill wolf pups in their dens, kill bears while they’re hibernating, use unimaginably cruel devices like leg-hold traps and snares, and shoot predators from aircraft. We have to stand up to this all-out assault on Alaska’s wildlife!

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