Fight Attempts to Weaken the Endangered Species Act!

Two bills introduced by Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, would greatly weaken the Endangered Species Act. The first, S. 375, would give local governments, industry, and other parties opposed to a species being protected under the Endangered Species Act the power to effectively veto any agreement requiring federal action to protect species. This is crazy and makes it impossible for species at risk to receive the protections they need. S. 376, would require USFWS to publish all documents related to its decisions about classifying species as endangered online. This is meant to increase the burden and difficulty of getting a species protected through the Endangered Species Act, which is troublesome as it is, and takes so long that species go extinct while waiting to be added to the list! We can't allow any more species to become extinct, and these bills will have exactly that outcome.

Taken together, Senator Cornyn's two recent bills are clearly meant to begin the process of so weakening as to become meaningless, and eventually eliminating, the Endangered Species Act. Recently, Senator John Barasso, a Republican from Wyoming, spoke out against the Endangered Species Act at a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing. He said, "States, counties, wildlife managers, home builders, construction companies, farmers, ranchers, and other stakeholders are all making it clear that the Endangered Species Act is not working today." It is clear that these bills are meant to benefit people who wish to exploit wild animals and their habitats, no matter the cost to animals, the environment, or our health.

As animal advocates, we know that the Endangered Species Act has been critical for protecting wildlife. Without it, the bald eagle, the Mexican wolf, the peregrine falcon, the Florida panther, and many other species would not be with us today. We need to oppose these attacks on the Endangered Species Act immediately!

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Contact your legislators by phone and email to let them know you strongly oppose both these bills.

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