Deplorable Plea Bargain Given to Man Guilty of Poisoning Animals

In April of 2016, John Colter Pyron of Hazelhurst, Mississippi was arrested by the Flowood Police Department for animal cruelty, possession of schedule III controlled substance, and suspicion of poisoning animals following an investigation of complaints from residents of an apartment complex who discovered dead animals near the residency. His punishment was a joke, and we can't remain silent about it!

Over a period of several months, maintenance workers and residents of the apartment complex discovered dead animals, including a mother opossum and her babies. One of the cats found dead was part of a police officer’s family. Other cats lived in a well maintained colony of spayed and neutered cats.

A two week investigation into allegations that Pyron might be poisoning the animals resulted in police gaining a search warrant for his apartment. In the apartment officers found evidence of items Pyron likely used to kill the animals. It was substantiated that at least four cats and several native animals died after eating from a can of tuna laced with which is the active substance in the pesticide Temik, a highly lethal poison almost always resulting in death.

For the abuse of the pesticide Pyron faced up to a 20 year prison sentence and $25,000 in fines.

Pyron was arrested and taken to the Rankin County Jail where he was released on a $20,000 bond. In a plea bargain, Pyron pled guilty to two felony counts for poisoning the animals with Golden Malrin Fly Bait, the active ingredients can even be a danger to adult humans, and was handed a prison sentence of 3 years, 3 suspended, and a $500.00 fine on both counts. Pyron was further ordered to pay the $50 crime lab fee and court costs of $113, a total of $1,163.

Pyron was ordered not to own a cat and will be subject to the loss of privileges stripped of felons. If Pyron violates any condition of his sentencing he will face the 6 - year suspended prison term and a fine to be determined by a judge.

It is an outrage that Pyron escaped his prison term. The fine of $500 is a mockery of justice in itself. Join us in letting District Attorney Michael Guest know our disapproval of his bargaining away justice for the innocent animals who suffered death at the hands of this despicable criminal.

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