Act Now to Keep Animal Killers Off the California Fish and Game Commission

On March 15th, the four members who make up the California Senate Rules Committee voted to recommend that the California Senate confirm avid hunter, Russell Burns, to the California Fish & Game Commission. Burns is a former crane operator and now the business manager of a union of heavy equipment operators. His only interest in wildlife is in killing wild animals for sport. He does not have any relevant education or work experience that would enable him to understand California's fragile ecosystems and the difficulties faced by wild animals from climate change, drought, and the expansion of housing and agriculture into wild animals' habitat.

Since the resignation of another hunter from the commission, some progress has been made for wildlife in California, including a ban on bobcat trapping. With a new hunter on the commission, the gains could be reversed and any more advances for wildlife protection could be impossible.

What you can do:



Please contact your California Senator by phone and email right away to ask for a rejection of Russell Burns for the California Fish and Game Commission . A vote could happen as early as this Monday, March 20.

1) Please make a phone call to your state Senator before Monday, March 20, when the Senate could take up the final confirmation of Russell Burns. Let your Senator know that you want Gov. Jerry Brown to nominate a wildlife advocate for the commission, not a hunter.

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