URGENT: Tell Governor Hutchinson to VETO Ag Gag Law That Will Hide Animal Abuse!

Once again, big agriculture is trying to silence animal activists. This time, in Arkansas via House Bill 1665.This is the fifth time that Arkansas lawmakers have attempted to pass an ag-gag bill, so it's hardly a surprise that this year they made a point to rush it through as quickly as possible.This dangerous bill has already passed the Arkansas House and Senate, and is now headed to Governor Asa Hutchinson - who has the power to stop it!

Ag-gag laws have been implemented in a number of states across the US. The precise details of the legislation vary from state to state, but the effect is always the same: severely punish activists and journalists when they document the treatment of animals on factory farms.

Evidence obtained by journalists and activists is virtually the only means of detecting cruelty within animal industries, and has been used to prosecute some of the most notorious animal abusers in history.

As the wider-public realizes that the horror farmed animals endure is the every-single-day norm, not the exception, it becomes clear why there is such a strong push from meat, dairy and egg industries to pass ag-gag laws.

Join us in saying NO to big ag's latest attempt to silence activists in Arkansas!

What you can do:



Contact Governor Asa Hutchinson by phone and email to demand that attempts to hide animal abuse from the public be thwarted.

1) Call Governor Asa Hutchinson at (501) 682-2345 (ideally between the office hours of 8am- 5pm CST - otherwise his voicemail may be full) and say something like, "As your constituent, I urge you to veto House Bill 1665. Whistleblowers are virtually the only means of detecting animal cruelty within animal industries. They do not deserve to be punished for speaking out. Please preserve free speech in Arkansas!"

2) Click here www.idausa.org/VegGuide to find out how your personal choices can prevent animal suffering.

3) Please submit our automated letter below to voice your opposition to House Bill 1665, and then share this action alert with your friends and family in Arkansas!

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Don't Allow Animal Agriculture to Silence Activists: Veto House Bill 1665

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