Urge World Veterinary Association to Condemn Barbaric Dog Meat Trade in South Korea

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) announced on Monday, March 13, 2017 its creation of the Global Animal Welfare Awards 2017, co-founded and supported by Ceva Santé Animale, to be held during its 33rd World Veterinary Congress.

WVA's President, Dr René Carlson, "applauds this partnership with CEVA Animal Health to recognize veterinarians from around the world for their efforts to improve animal welfare and eliminate animal suffering. Such recognition is not only important, it is necessary to bring continued awareness to the benefits of good animal welfare for animals, people, and society. It is well recognized that good animal care can have far reaching and positive benefits in a number of areas, including human physical and psychological health, social development, poverty and hunger reduction, disaster management and environmental sustainability."

Dr. Marc Prikazsky, Chairman & CEO of Ceva Santé Animale, was quoted as saying, "As a veterinarian, I have felt for some time, that the profession needed to bring welfare back to the centre of what we do. Animals contribute enormous value to our society and as veterinarians we have a pivotal role to ensure that their health and welfare is always a priority."

With these quotes in mind, it seems ironic that on August 27-31, 2017, the 33rd World Veterinary Congress will be held in Incheon, South Korea. South Korea is a place where over 2 million dogs are purposely tortured and then cruelly slaughtered for their flesh-a place where over 17,000 unregulated dog meat farms exist, and a place where gray areas and loopholes in its laws allow dogs to be slaughtered completely unregulated, and a place where the government keeps ignoring the dog meat issue.

Recently, South Korea took a small step forward by passing Animal Protection Act Amendments but nothing was included pertaining to the dog meat industry. South Korea is the third largest consumer of dog meat in Asia behind China (10 million) and Vietnam (5 million).

Please ask the World Veterinary Association to take a stand by denouncing the barbaric dog meat industry and to plead with the South Korean government to do something.

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Contact the World Veterinary Association to let it know you want it to use its powerful voice to help dogs in South Korea by various methods.

1) Please call if easy and not costly for you: 32 2 533 70 20 (Belgium)

2) Comment on WVA's Facebook page and on the Global Animal Welfare Awards 2017 Facebook page.

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