Stop the Yellowstone Bison Massacre

America's last truly wild bison live in the Yellowstone National Park area. Every year, they are harassed and killed because of the alleged threat that they will transfer brucellosis, a terrible disease, to domestic cattle. Ironically, brucellosis was originally introduced to the area by domestic livestock in the first place, and multiple studies have shown that elk, not bison, are the wild species that can transfer it to domestic animals in the region today.

Despite the absence of any evidence that bison pose a threat to domestic livestock, Yellowstone National Park works closely with the Montana Department of Livestock to persecute bison. This year alone, Yellowstone National Park has captured about 800 bison. Once they are captured, they are subject to confinement in a “trap” and invasive tests, and eventually the terrified animals will all be shipped to their horrific slaughter. The trap is within national park boundaries, so without the cooperation of Yellowstone National Park, this would not be happening.

The bison of Yellowstone National Park are the last fully, continuously wild bison in the United States, and are among the only bison who have not been bred at any time with cattle. If they are safe anywhere, they should be safe within the boundary of Yellowstone National Park. In 2016, bison were declared the national mammal of the United States. It's unconscionable that our national mammal is not even safe in our oldest national park.

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Contact Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk by phone and by email to let him know you want Yellowstone National Park to stop capturing and killing wild bison.

1) Call Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk at 307-344-2002.

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Stop the Persecution and Killing of Yellowstone's Wild Bison

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