Death-Defying Pig Enjoys New Life

Earlier this month, witnesses driving on Interstate 90 outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota saw a pig struggling to open the back gate of a transport truck four or five times before he succeeded and then jumped from the truck as it sped down the highway going 70 mph! Several people called 911 while others swerved to avoid hitting him. The truck was only 3 miles from the slaughterhouse when he escaped. This pig, now named Wally, was very lucky, and we would like to give thanks to those who stepped in and saved his life.

Luckily, Wally survived the ordeal with only a bit of road rash. Witness, Lynde Miller said, "This pig knew exactly what he was doing. I was just in awe of this. He deserves to be pampered the rest of his life." We couldn't agree more.

Authorities captured and brought Wally to the local Humane Society, but he needed a permanent safe home. That’s where activist Louise McGannon stepped in to save the day! With local sanctuaries all at capacity, Wally had nowhere to turn. Through her activism, Louise recalled meeting Kara Breci, who founded SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary, and she thought it couldn't hurt to contact her to ask if she could adopt Wally. Fortunately, Kara had room for Wally and was eager to provide his forever home.

"All I did was make a phone call, but it still warms my heart that I was a small part of helping Wally find a home," said Louise. This goes to show that even a small action on behalf of the animals can make a big difference, and we encourage all of you to make these small actions that have huge payoffs for the individual animals involved!

Read the full story and see more photos here.

See photos of Wally in his forever home at Soulspace Farm Sanctuary here.

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