Eye Spy a Cruelty-Free Lie: Take Action!

Velour Lashes is an internationally recognized brand that sells 100% mink fur eyelash products while inexplicably marketing itself as "cruelty-free." Yes, you read that right. This company, which only sells 100% mink fur cosmetic products, is claiming that its production causes "absolutely no harm to animals." This is groundless, and must be challenged!

Here are some further cringe-worthy claims published on the company's website.

"Velour Lashes are made up of 100% natural mink fur which has been collected through free range mink farms."

"We would like to make clear and public that no harm has been done to these beautiful animals."

"Fur is collected during the animals natural shedding season and then collected by farmers."

In Defense of Animals

In Defense of Animals

Here's the crux of the matter: mink are naturally aggressive and territorial animals; they don't even socialize with their own kind. In fact, males and females only meet once a year to mate and then go their separate ways. If mink were actually farmed in a "free range" restricted area, they would likely attack each other until death, so the claim of a "free range" mink fur farm is absurd.

Likewise, how are consumers to believe that mink's hairs gracefully float off their pelts into the hands of collectors? In reality, these hairs would land in the excrement that piles below these caged animals on fur farms.

Finally, animals confined on fur farms are killed in the most brutal ways imaginable including neck-breaking, gassing, and electrocution...

Numerous attempts have been made to contact Velour Lashes for even the slightest shred of evidence to back its claims, yet it has returned nothing except for a copy and pasted website spiel which conveniently ignores the clear questions.

In Defense of Animals

This inability to answer speaks volumes.

In a world where technology and manufacturing has progressed to the point of creating soft and lightweight synthetic fibers, no product can justify a life of misery and confinement for these sentient animals.

Throwing around "cruelty-free" as a meaningless "feel-good" marketing claim is sleazy.

Please join us in demanding some serious answers from Velour!

What you can do:



1) Write a comment on Velour Lashes Facebook page, or tweet @velourlashes Example:"@velourlashes there is no such thing as a free-range mink farm. Where is your evidence? #CrueltyFreeLies."

2) If you know of any companies or stores selling mink fur eyelashes and/or eyebrows, tell them you won't be buying anything from them again until they withdraw these items from sale.

3) Find out which brands are certified cruelty-free via the Leaping Bunny logo here.

4) Choose compassion for all animals who are farmed for their fur, flesh and byproducts by transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Download your free guide which includes delicious recipes, product swaps and helpful tips.

5) Submit our letter below to the founders of Velour Lashes to demand due evidence for their "cruelty free" claims.

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Mabel Lee - Velour Co-founder
  • Angela Tran - Velour Co-founder


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