Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2017

The horrible festival that slaughters about 10,000 dogs, mostly stolen beloved companions and strays, is set to start in two months and we are trying desperately to stop it. This festival is not part of any Chinese tradition, and is instead a marketing ploy to make money from the blood of suffering dogs. We can't let greed win.

Last year, as many as 11 million signatures were signed by compassionate individuals to call for an end to the Yulin Festival, but the petition was rejected by the Chinese Embassy in London. That will not deter us from pressuring the Chinese government again and we will not stop until Yulin is stopped forever. The Chinese government disassociated itself from the festival last year, but did not stop it. However, pressure from the people all over the world did manage to make some difference. The number of dogs slaughtered was much less than in previous years. Most Chinese citizens reject the festival and we will be supporting them to end this atrocity.

What you can do:



Keep up the pressure by making a phone call and submitting our letter to the Chinese Embassy.

1) Make a phone call to the following office:

Public Affairs:
Ms. Fang Hong (Press Counselor & Spokesperson)
Tel: 202-495-2220 (she will answer the phone directly during business hours)

You can simply say, "The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is barbaric and not supported by the majority of Chinese citizens or people around the world. I would like you to represent my interests and work to shut down the Festival."

2) Submit our letter by filling in the required fields and clicking Submit.

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai


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Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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