Stop Hilton's Evil Plans to Kill Cats

Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Hawaii has a despicable plan up its sleeve. Community cats who have lived there for years and their kittens are being starved and maybe even poisoned to death. Don't let it happen!

Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs Waikoloa is a sprawling resort property on the Big Island of Hawaii managed by Hilton, the multi-million dollar hospitality company, but it’s no paradise to many community cats who call it home.

For years, management has ignored complaints about the poor cats who reside on the property, simply allowing the cats to multiply, and causing the situation to worsen.

According to a communication sent to a Hilton timeshare owner from the board of directors of the Bay Club, one of the properties on the site, attempts have been made to poison the cats.

For the last few years, the Bay Club worked with several cat rescues on the island to humanely manage the colony of community cats at Waikoloa through a humane trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. However, the Bay Club recently stopped the program, and has instituted what amounts to a communications blackout for anyone inquiring about the wellbeing of the cats. Even calls made by In Defense of Animals inquiring about the cats were not returned.

The Bay Club has also removed the cats' desperately needed feeding stations, and may have even hired a wildlife removal company to trap and kill the cats - leaving newborn kittens behind to starve to death. All of this is according to more than a dozen Hilton timeshare property owners who are working diligently to save the cats.

Despite the TNR program not costing the company a cent, property managers failed to maintain an ongoing relationship with the animal rescue groups that carried out the vital work to maintain the program’s ongoing efforts. TNR works, but only if all parties involved stay invested in the cats and sterilize any newcomers. Failing to engage in the program as an ongoing process, then shutting it down completely will most certainly doom it to failure.

What you can do:



Please contact Hilton Grand Vacations Club and ask it to immediately reinstate the TNR program at the Bay Club and to stop needlessly killing community cats at its resort in Hawaii.

1) Make as many phone calls as possible from the following list. You can simply say, "I'm calling on behalf of In Defense of Animals to ask that you please reinstate a humane and compassionate trap-neuter-return program to control the population of cats at your resort in Waikoloa. TNR works, but only if all parties involved stay invested in the cats and sterilize any newcomers. I'm certain that a closely managed, community engaged TNR program will reduce the complaints about the cats and humanely reduce the numbers of them over time. Please do the compassionate thing and help your community cats."

Call the three properties in Hawaii where the community cats reside at Hilton Grand Vacations Club Waikoloa

Kings' Land 808-881-3000

The Bay Club 808-886-7979

Kohala Suites 808-886-8700 (call directed to same switchboard as last property)

Call the senior management at Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Florida

Edgar Hernandez
Senior Manager Customer Care
(407) 722-3492

Mark D. Wang
President of Grand Vacations
(407) 722-3100 x3117
You may reach Kelly Clayton- administrative assistant-and can leave your message with her.

Kevin Speidel
Chief Customer Officer
Orlando, FL 32835
(407) 722-3100, ext. 8311

Chief Executive
Dena Williams
VP of Club
(407) 722-3470

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Mark Wang, CEO for HGVC
  • Kelly Clayton, EA to Mark Wang
  • Kevin Speidel Chief Customer Officer
  • Robert Gunther, GM for Waikoloa HGVC
  • Phil Murray, Resort Manager for the Bay Club property
  • Wilbert Lee, Resort Manager for Kings' Land property
  • Cheryl Amsbary, Resort Manager for Kohala Suites property
  • Edgar Hernandez - Senior Manager Customer Care




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