Demand That Senator Sweeney Stop Stalling Pedals' Law to Save Black Bears

Pedals was a famous and much beloved black bear residing in New Jersey who gained his name for his peculiar way of walking upright on his hind feet. Pedals became a national sensation after videos of him went viral. He walked upright due to an injury to his front paws, yet his strange walk brought joy to many who spotted him in their New Jersey neighborhoods. Black bears like Pedals are still being persecuted and it's time to act.

Tragically, Pedals was callously killed by a bow hunter in 2016 during New Jersey's controversial black bear hunting season. Though the state’s 2016 black bear hunting season lasted only 6 days, 549 bears lost their lives from hunters. In response to the public outrage over the death of Pedals and the unbelievable scale of the hunt, Senator Raymond Lesniak introduced S 2702, referred to by many as "Pedals' Law," a bill that would ban bear hunting in New Jersey for a period of five years. S 2702 also calls for other common sense protections for wildlife in New Jersey, such as prohibiting baiting or feeding bears and deer, requiring bear-resistant trash containers in bear habitat, and developing a non-lethal bear control program.

According to activists in New Jersey, a vote on S 2702 is being stalled by the Senate President, Senator Stephen Sweeney. Pedals' Law was approved by the New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee in October of 2016, but it is up to Senator Sweeney to allow it to come up for a vote before the full New Jersey Senate. Please join us in telling Senator Sweeney to stop stalling the vote on Pedals' Law!

What you can do:



Call and email Senator Sweeney and let him know you support Pedals' Law and that you want it to come to a vote.

1) Call Senator Sweeney at the following number:

You can simply say, "As a resident of New Jersey, I am calling on you to protect the black bears of our state. I want you to support and bring Pedals' Law up for a vote right away."

2) Sign our letter asking Senator Sweeney to allow Pedals' Law to come up for a vote.

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