Don't Let Wisconsin Throw Baby Birds Into Gas Chamber

Three Wisconsin towns are planning to kill some of their residents. These residents stand accused of eating lawns and honking, and pooping - three things that you cannot help if you are a Canada goose. Cruel plans are underway to round up baby goslings to kill them in gas chambers, and turn their parents into burgers. Don't let it happen!

Three Wisconsin towns—Twin Lakes, Mondovi, and Oconomowoc Lake—plan to round up and kill Canada geese. The primary complaint driving the brutal killing seems to be the feces of the animals. Other complaints include noise, and geese eating the grass in lawns. At most, these complaints constitute a minor nuisance. They certainly do not provide a justification for killing these animals. During these killings, goslings will be rounded up and cruelly gassed with carbon dioxide. Their last moments will be spent in distress and fear in a gas chamber. Their parents will either share the same fate or be brought to slaughterhouses, to be violently killed for their flesh, which would then be served as an unpopular dish at food pantries.

Furthermore, gassing geese doesn’t work for lowering geese populations! The town of Edgewater, New Jersey tried rounding up and gassing geese, and it had little to no impact on the town's resulting goose population. Since then, the town has tried a number of non-lethal methods to deter geese, and has found that these are much more successful. These non-lethal methods include modifying the habitat the geese were using in order to deter their return, and imposing a ban on public feeding of geese. Feeding foods intended for humans to geese can actually cause health problems for them, and can also cause them to become dependent on humans for food.

With non-lethal methods proven to be successful elsewhere, it is absurd for these Wisconsin communities to cruelly round up and gas geese whose only crime is existing. Join us in telling Twin Lakes, Mondovi, and Oconomowoc Lake to stop the senseless persecution of Canada geese!

What you can do:



1) Call the city offices of Twin Lakes, Mondovi, and Oconomowoc Lake and let them know you oppose their plans to kill Canada geese.

Twin Lakes: 262-877-2858
Mondovi: 715-926-3866
Oconomowoc Lake: 262-567-5301

2) Sign our letter to officials in these three towns letting them know that their plans to round up and gas Canada geese are immoral and ineffective.

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Mondovi Mayor Treig Pronschinske
  • Twin Lakes Board President Howard Skinner
  • Twin Lakes Village Administrator Jennifer Frederick
  • Oconomowoc Lake Village President Joe Birbaum
  • Oconomowoc Lake City Administrator Donald Wiemer




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