Don't Let Texan Supermarket Kill Pups

Texas-based supermarket chain H-E-B is planning to kill puppies and dogs who live behind one of its stores. Don't let them get away with it!

We're outraged that the international supermarket chain H-E-B plans to kill a small dog pack living behind one of its stores! Dog advocates Linda Martinson and Alejandra Martinez have fed and cared for the dog pack living in the field behind H-E-B San Patricio, in Saltillo, Mexico since 2014. They have since sterilized seventeen dogs and adopted into homes several puppies at their own expense. H-E-B was aware of these rescue efforts all along, but now plans to kill the entire pack.

On May 20, H-E-B Security confronted Alejandra and prohibited her from continuing to feed the dogs, and threatened to call the police. Security personnel repeated the same intimidation tactics toward a veterinarian who attempted to provide food and water to the very hungry pack.

Multiple requests to H-E-B Corporate in Monterrey, Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas remain unanswered. H-E-B's inhumane response puts both the dogs and the public at risk, as they have become desperate and must now scavenge to survive. Not only is this reckless and irresponsible, but H-E-B has now called the municipality officials to remove the dogs to be killed.

The only effective, humane, long-term solution is to establish a pack based on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). If H-E-B allows Linda and Alejandra to continue their work, they will soon create a stable, healthy pack that will inhabit the territory and keep new dogs out. They only have three adult female dogs left to spay before they meet their goal!

These dogs are very timid and do not seek contact with people, preferring to stay in the adjoining field and ditch. Killing them will only create a vacuum that will be filled by new dogs attracted to the food sold by the H-E-B, IHOP, and Carl's Jr. in the shopping center. Establishing a TNR pack outside H-E-B would provide a viable model to replace the local catch and kill program, which is both ineffective and costly, not to mention downright immoral. It's time to break this counterproductive cycle!

What will happen to the HEB pack without the efforts of Linda and Alejandra? We know too well that HEB will kill these pups, and all future dogs that wander their way.

What you can do:



Don't let these precious pups die in vain! Take action to send a powerful message on behalf of fellow activists Linda and Alejandra, who are collaborating across international borders to save these precious pups. Time is of the essence!

1) Please make a call to Victor M. Rodriguez, Director, Customer Relations of H-E-B Grocery Store Company in San Antonio, Texas


You can simply say, "I'm calling on behalf of the dog pack living in the field behind H-E-B San Patricio, in Saltillo, Mexico, and I am very upset that you plan to kill them. I want you to immediately allow dog advocates Linda Martinson and Alejandra Martinez to continue their feeding and TNR program."

If you speak Spanish and are willing to make a couple additional calls to Mexico, please contact the two people below relaying the same message as the one relayed to Victor M. Rodriguez:

Miguel Buendi, H-E-B San Patricio Store General Manager: 52-1-844-906-0194

Elke Gonzalez, H-E-B Mexico, Manager, Public Relations: 52-1-81-8153-1100 (ext. 1174)

2) Please support Linda and Alejandra’s efforts to prevent the ruthless killing of these helpless dogs by signing our letter.

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • Miguel Buendi, H-E-B San Patricio, General Manager
  • Elke Gonzalez, H-E-B Mexico, Manager, Public Relations
  • Victor M. Rodriguez, H-E-B Grocery Store Company, Director, Customer Relations




Don't Kill the H-E-B Dog Pack! Allow Trap, Neuter, Return to Work!

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