Stop Free Range Farm Misery

New undercover footage exposes horrific suffering, misery, and even cannibalism at a free range chicken supplier. Idyllic images of happy, fluffy hens roaming free in grassy fields sold by Mt Barker Free Range Chicken are a cruel joke. Don't let this company get away with free range lies!

The Australian company sells its miserable products at Coles, Woolworths, and Health Freak Cafe. It claims to ensure, "animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain or distress."

Mt Barker Free Range Chicken is even certified and endorsed by the RSPCA in its "Humane Shopping" guide as a "free range and humanely farmed RSPCA Approved chicken product."

It is shockingly clear from our undercover footage that animal welfare measures are failing horribly, with thousands of chicks forced to live short, miserable lives.

What you can do:



Join us in demanding Mt Barker Chicken installs live cameras so that the public can see the state of the animals for themselves, since the company is incapable of knowing when animals suffer from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain and distress.

1) The best way to save animals from suffering is to leave them off our plates. Click here to learn how you can switch to a delicious, compassionate and healthy plant-based diet.

2) Send our letter to Mt Barker Free Range Chicken to demand accountability for the animals who have suffered, and its consumers who have been misled.

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Mt Barker: Assume Responsibility for Animal Cruelty and Repair Consumer Confidence

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