Tell President Moon: Keep Your Pledge to Ban Dog Meat

South Korea just elected one of the world's most pro-animal presidents. President Moon Jae-In has promised a better life for animals, which reportedly includes a phased ban on dog meat. A brief international comments period has now been opened, allowing a critical opportunity to speak up and save millions of dogs and cats from horrific suffering. We have never been closer to a ban, but we need you to act now!

During his election campaign, Moon promised to set up playgrounds for animal companions, standardize medical costs for animals, promote animal adoption, expand sterilization efforts, and establish feeding facilities for community cats.

President Moon is now making a bold move by opening the lines of communication and accepting comments from foreigners. This is our big chance!

We have never been closer to ending the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea!

As we heard him declare in a key speech, "I will strive to make a brand new nation. I will be a president that Koreans can be proud of." Let's hold him to that!

What you can do:



Please take this time to submit our alert which will send a letter asking President Moon to ban the dog and cat meat trade and to crack down on the trickery planned in Gangwon-do province to temporarily change signage during the Winter Olympics to hide "bosingtang" dog meat soup from international visitors.

This is a key moment for dogs and cats suffering for meat. It is very important that you be respectful and abstain from racist comments, which will do more damage than good.

The deadline for comments is July 12. Time is of the essence, so speak up for dogs and cats now by personalizing and sending our letter!

Personalize and submit the letter below to email your comments to:
  • President Moon




Please Ban the Dog & Cat Meat Trade & Crack Down on Gangwon-do Trickery

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