Don't Allow the Poisoning of Endangered Animals!

The United States Congress has just passed a bill nicknamed the "Poison Our Waters Act." Up to 200 Federally listed endangered species are in the direct firing line of this harmful bill that aims to roll back Clean Water Act protections, as well as otters, beavers, turtles and fish who live in our nation's freshwater habitats. Animals who drink the water are also liable to ingest deadly poisons from waterways - including us! This bill is already at the Senate - we must stop it now!

Threatened American Crocodiles and West Indian Manatees, and endangered Houston and Wyoming Toads, and Yellow-Legged Frogs and many other animals could face extinction if we continue to allow the weakening and gutting of protections like the Clean Water Act with legislation like this. Many animals on the long list of endangered and threatened species are already known to be suffering losses as a result of pesticide use.

If H.R. 953 becomes law, any individual or organization using pesticides will no longer have to obtain a Clean Water Act permit as long as the pesticide being used has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The bill's proponents claim that they are reducing "burdensome" and "unnecessary" regulations, but the truth is that permits are very easy to obtain for the vast majority of those who use pesticides, and rightly only require a tougher permitting process for those who use a huge volume of pesticides. One of the primary values of this protection is that it provides the public information about what is being sprayed in their area. If H.R. 953 passes, we will be in the dark.

This bill is likely to have a devastating impact on aquatic animals, and animals relying on access to fresh water. H.R. 953 is part of a larger attack on environmental regulations and common sense protections for our nation's land and water currently taking place in Washington. Without information on what pesticides are being used and where they are being applied, it will become even more difficult to prove when pesticides are at fault for polluting water and harming wildlife.

What you can do:



H.R. 953 has been sent to the Senate, and it likely won't be long until it's put up for a vote. The clock is ticking - we have to speak up now!

1.) Call your two United States senators and tell them to vote "no" on H.R. 953. If you don't know who your two senators are, you can locate them by clicking on the link below and selecting the "Federal" tab.

You can simply say, "I think it is incredibly important that Americans like me can know which pesticides are being dumped in the waterways around me. I don't approve of laws being passed that will allow poisoners to operate in secrecy, as that practice will undoubtedly end up harming people and animals and so I want you to vote against H.R. 953."

2.) Submit our letter to let your two senators know you oppose this bill.

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