Tell Pittsburgh Zoo: Stop Abusive Elephant Breeding!

Pittsburg Zoo's International Conservation Center has recklessly impregnated an elephant known to have a history of not being able to care for her newborn. Now, a premature and severely underweight baby elephant has been born, and taken away from her mother. This is wrong. Tell Pittsburgh Zoo's ICC to stop cruel and irresponsible elephant breeding!

After the Zoo's ICC spent millions of dollars on an elephant maternity center and failed to produce a pregnancy for roughly a decade, Seeni, an African elephant, gave birth to a female infant on May 31, 2017. While knowing Seeni's traumatized history made it unlikely she could care for a newborn, they impregnated her anyway. After Seeni gave birth alone in the night, an ICC staffer said she seemed disinterested and wasn't producing milk. Despite a report that mother and baby showed tentative signs of bonding, ICC quickly separated Seeni from her baby and trucked the frail infant to the Pittsburgh Zoo ninety miles away to bond with humans instead.

The Zoo refused to keep the newborn at ICC's multi-million dollar "maternity barn" where Seeni and the other females would have had a chance to develop as natural of a bond as possible in captivity.

Pittsburgh Zoo is #8 on In Defense of Animal's current list of the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants. The Zoo and its ICC are relentless in their greed to birth as many elephants as possible for life in a prison under the guise of "conservation." Tell Pittsburgh Zoo and its ICC to end their irresponsible elephant breeding and support real conservation efforts in the wild.

What you can do:



Urge the Pittsburgh Zoo and its International Conservation Center to stop breeding elephants!

1) Please call Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium President and CEO, Dr. Barbara Baker: 412-665-3640.

After listening to the recorded message, press 0 for operator, then ask for Dr. Baker. Politely request she stop breeding elephants into a lifetime of captivity. If no answer, please leave your message.

You can simply say, "I've just learned that you recently separated Seeni from her baby and trucked the baby elephant to the Pittsburgh Zoo to bond with humans instead. I am unhappy that you are breeding elephants into a lifetime of captivity, and am requesting that you stop doing this."

2) Personalize and send our letter to Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium President and CEO, Dr. Barbara Baker.

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Please Stop Breeding Elephants!

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