Justice for Dog Hung By Angry Ex

"u made me kill bear bear." This chilling message and a disturbing video showing Bear the dog struggling as he hangs by his neck were sent by Larry Wesley Furr to his estranged wife. The sadistic animal abuser who did this has been arrested by Arkansas' Logan County Sheriff's Department, but we must act now so that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

On June 13, a Logan County, Arkansas man called his Sheriff's Department to ask for assistance in squashing the condemnations arising from a video of him hanging his dog circulating on social media. He claimed his dog, Bear had jumped out of a parked boat, accidentally hanging himself, and that he had used his cell phone only for light to free the dog, not realizing that it was recording. Furr claimed to be receiving "death threats" because a Rhonda Barnett of Harrah, Oklahoma shared his sickening 15 second video on Facebook , sending it viral, with over one million horrified people having watched it so far. Barnett was hoping that her post would lead to Furr's arrest. It did!

A screen shot of Furr's message to his estranged wife was included in Barnett's post, that reads, "u made me kill bear bear like u kill me i am not playen b i am f***** up over this at least he aint sufferin like me over u."

It seems Furr had claimed to the Sheriff's Department that his wife and "her friend" Rhonda Barnett had concocted the post out of spite. Since the Logan County Sheriff's Department could not get in contact with Furr's ex-wife or Barnett, and Bear was alive and seemed unharmed, officials initially believed Furr's story that Bear had accidentally hung himself and Furr was Bear's rescuer and the innocent victim of a hate campaign.

When the Sheriff's Department delved further into the case, they uncovered the shocking fact that Furr himself had posted the video and threatening comment to his wife. On June 22, the Logan County's Sheriff's Department posted a hopeful update advising that Larry Wesley Furr had been arrested.

"NEW UPDATE: Larry Wesley Furr had a probable cause hearing today and a Judge determined there was probable cause to hold him on Felony Aggravated Cruelty to an Animal and Terroristic Threatening charges. His bond was set at $50,000," stated Logan County Sheriff Hicks.

"At approximately 6:43 pm I received two recordings of voice messages that I recognized to be Larry Wesley Furr that established enough probable cause to arrest Furr on Felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animal charges. At 7:42 pm Larry Furr was arrested and the dog was seized and taken to an animal shelter. Furr will be held pending a bond hearing and filing of formal charges by the Prosecuting Attorney's Office."

We are delighted that Sheriff Hicks is investigating this serious crime fully, and that he has not only committed to following through with any information given his department regarding this case, but also to keeping the public abreast by sharing pertinent updates. Hicks also warned that threatening and vulgar comments to his office by outraged members of the public will be prosecuted.

The next step in this case will be the filing of formal charges by the county prosecuting attorney, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tyler Barham. We need you to join us in supporting the prosecution of Larry Wesley Furr to the fullest extent of the law.

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Please contact Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tyler Barham by personalizing and submitting our letter. For Bear's sake, please ensure all communications are polite and encouraging. As animal advocates, we must show the prosecuting attorney respect and also recognize that this case is being taken seriously, both on Bear's account and on behalf of Furr's estranged wife who law enforcement and the court recognized received a "terroristic threat." The two charges show that this case is being taken seriously.

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