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California Assembly-members, Matthew Dababneh and Patrick O'Donnell, have proposed a bill that will make a real difference to homeless animals in our state. The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, AB 485, would require all pet stores in California that wish to sell animals to obtain animals from shelters or rescue organizations instead of breeders and puppy mills. Up to 780,000 animals are surrendered to California shelters every year, and many are killed when they are not adopted. Thousands of lives depend on a positive outcome, and your support.

Puppy mills are overcrowded and unsanitary commercial mass-breeding facilities that produce a huge number of animals for retail sale, primarily through pet stores. Although the Federal Animal Welfare Act mandates regulation and inspection of breeding facilities, the standards are minimal, and suffering is rife. The inhumane conditions of puppy mills have inspired 33 cities and counties in California to ban the retail sale at local pet stores of dogs and cats from mills. AB 485 needs our urgent support to end animal homelessness in all of California!

This will be a major victory for animals and it will alleviate pressure on county budgets and taxpayers. California animal shelters are running at full capacity. Currently, California taxpayers contribute $250 million dollars each year to support local shelters, while puppy mills continuously breed animals for profit. This is an outrage and one that has been going on for far too long! It is vital that you contact your state senator now and urge the passage of AB 485!

What you can do:



1) Make a call to your state senator. If you don't know who your state senator is or you don't have the contact information, you can find it at this link by entering your zip code and then selecting the California tab.

When you call, you can simply say, "California pet stores should stop selling animals from breeders, and instead obtain their animals from animal shelters and rescues! Please support AB 485!"

2) Please take a few moments to complete our action alert by filling out the form. Once submitted, a letter will be sent to your state senator, urging the passage of the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act — Bill AB 485.


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