Missouri State Representative Brutally Kills Chicken to Somehow Protest Abortion

Missouri State Representative Mike Moon has come under fire for a video he posted to his official Facebook page in June. The video begins with Moon standing beside a chicken who is strung upside down by her feet, fully conscious. Moon then beheads her while she flaps and flails wildly. The politician then begins to wax poetic about God giving us dominion over animals, which we assume is an attempt to justify his horrific and totally unjustifiable act of cruelty. No matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, killing an animal to further a political agenda is repulsive and disrespectful of life. Call on this heartless animal abuser to resign.

So what was the point of his video? Moon used this poor chicken as a prop to announce new anti-abortion legislation he's introducing in the Missouri House of Representatives. What?

No one understood the point of Moon's act, so he issued a clarification in a newspaper article, which only served to further confuse people.

Moon's deranged cruel, and clearly unfit to represent anyone in government. Please call and email Mike Moon asking him to first apologize and then resign his seat as a Missouri state representative. The people of Missouri, and more specifically, the people of Missouri District 157 deserve better, saner leadership.

What you can do:



1) Please call Mike Moon's office to demand an apology and that he resign his house seat. If you live in Missouri, be sure to mention this.


You can simply say, "I am shocked and disgusted by the cruel and heartless video Mike Moon posted on his official Facebook page and I think the people of Missouri deserve better leadership. Rep Moon should apologize and resign."

2) Submit our letter asking him to apologize and resign.

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